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We serve charter flights in the eastern part of Indonesia. Papua is one of the province in Indonesia
 which are located on the island of Papua. It have 29 districts spreading all over and mostly are on the mountainous areas.
The total area of Papua are 319,036.05 km2 (123,180.51 sq mi) wide.
Therefore, Air transport is one of the indispensable mode of transport in Papua. 
With our passion and heart, we come "Fly with the Heart" to Papua to help developed the province.

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FlyingSAS is a private company that operates air charter services.
FlyingSAS accommodate requests for chartered flights
for instance in the case of medical evacuation, shuttling oil workers and miners to their remote sites in Papua.
Transporting corporate VIPs, and transporting cargo in Papua.




Head Office:
Office Tower A MGK Kemayoran
Jalan Angkasa Kav-B6 Kota Baru Bandar
Jakarta Pusat 10610 - INDONESIA
Telephone : +62 21 29070788
Fax : +62 21 29070755
flyingsas head office Flight Ops:
Graha Dirgantara Building
Jl. Raya Halim Perdana Kusuma No. 8
Jakarta Timur 13610 - INDONESIA
Telephone : +62 21 29838036
Fax : +62 21 29628668

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